Nivea Mom Was Right

We helped Nivea - worldwide leader in skin and body-care cosmetics - to show appreciation to moms all over the world. We co-created video content for the global campaign #MomWasRight and took care of the entire movie production of the local campaign #MamaMiałaRację by Nivea Polska. On Mother’s Day millions of hearts were touched around the world by real emotions that we captured by asking simple question: when was your mom right?

By creating short movies with real women and real stories that anyone could relate to, we touched millions around the globe. Our shots played huge part in the global version of the leading campaign video and also Brasilian , Turkish  and Greek versions, among others. We were responsible for the whole production and postproduction of the project. Including casting, set-design, direction, editing, grading and production of multi-language versions.

In addition to the main movie, we also created two protagonist stories and Facebook/Instagram teasers. We also delivered the entire video content for the campaign and competition website: